Grass Valley HD technologies help Australian Broadcasting Corp. launch ‘News 24’

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) has launched a 24-hour news channel that leverages HD networked news creation and automated production systems from Grass Valley. This includes the Aurora digital news editing products for content creation as well as Grass Valley Ignite HD systems in remotely located news bureaus.

The News 24 system expands upon an existing Grass Valley storage area network (SAN) based on the company’s K2 media servers for production and playout, which accommodates dozens of journalists, producers and news editors working on a variety of projects at the network. It also includes Ignite systems at eight locations throughout the country.

Using the system’s Transition Macro Element (TME) technology — which establishes news segments and transitions as events on a timeline — the Ignite HD is a fully integrated live professional broadcast production system that allows one or two operators to control video, audio, server and camera functions from a single interface. All segments of a live newscast can be preprogrammed and previewed prior to a show going on-air as well as live breaking news events, which can also be executed in real time.

Among the new features of the Grass Valley Ignite HD system are: FuseIGNITE 1.1, which supports the Grass Valley MediaFUSE 1.1 content repurposing and multidistribution system; and CG List Preview Support, which allows users of the Ignite CG List to send a “load in preview” command to graphic devices that support a preview channel.