Grass Valley adds 3-D editing, effects to EDIUS

Grass Valley ( has unveiled a new 3-D toolset for its EDIUS multiformat NLE software and has added 3-D support for editing peripherals that provides users with a complete stereoscopic 3-D post-production workflow. The Grass Valley STORM 3G and STORM 3G Elite editing platforms are both supported via the EDIUS timeline with stereoscopic 3-D I/O through a single 3G-SDI source and/or dual 3G-SDI signals.

A 30-day preview version of EDIUS that supports this 3-D functionality will be available online in December as a free download.

The new 3-D support includes: native support for 3-D video clips captured with the most popular 3-D cameras, easy clip pairing for synching left-eye/right-eye clips; 2-D-to-3-D conversion capability; and an array of tools right on the editing timeline that make 3-D adjustments — to compensate for mistakes in shooting — fast (with no transcoding necessary) and easy. Also functions available in 2-D are also supported in 3-D, such as real-time color correction, keyer, transitions and multicam editing.

Included in the new 3-D preview version are tools for importing, organizing and adjusting 3-D clips in the most efficient way. It's all done on the same EDIUS multiformat timeline that 2-D projects employ, making the process as easy to complete in 3-D as it is in 2-D.

Grass Valley has also included tight integration with its K2 media servers, whereby its K2 ChannelFlex technology (a software application within Grass Valley's AppCenter Elite software suite) enables all K2 Summit and K2 Solo servers to be expanded from handling four SD/HD video streams to up to eight streams in specific applications such as super slo-mo, multicamera recording and 3-D production.

With a simple software upgrade, every K2 Summit production client and K2 Solo HD/SD server can now be used as a 3-D production server for 3-D recording or replay, a 2X or 3X super slo-mo recording device, or as a server for recording from two to six simultaneous camera angles with at least one channel for playback.