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GlobeCast Launches MyGlobeTV

NEW YORK: GlobeCast’s new IPTV platform, MyGlobeTV, made its commercial debut with the recent launch of 16 Romanian-language channels to U.S. viewers. MyGlobeTV is intended to provide international and thematic audiovisual content to subscribers in the Americas.

The full end-to-end solution provides broadcasters with not only the technical solution for reaching homes in the Americas, but also the necessary marketing and demographics research and support, as well other services including customer support and billing. In the coming weeks and months, GlobeCast will expand the service beyond the initial Romanian offering, adding communities of channels targeted to different audience segments. GlobeCast is in discussions with broadcasters from around the world that wish to be a part of this exciting new platform.

Currently, the solution uses a set-top box connected to the viewer’s existing broadband connection. By the end of 2012, however, GlobeCast expects to launch the application version of this product, allowing viewers to access the service from any Internet-enabled device, such as a smartphone, tablets, or PC, with or without the use of equipment.