German service provider outfits latest DSNG truck with Kyrion encoder/decoder

Betamobil, a broadcast service provider in Germany, has extended its relationship with ATEME for video contribution by equipping a fourth DSNG (Digital Satellite News Gathering) vehicle with the Kyrion encoder/decoder system.

“Reliability is crucial for our business providing live broadcast services, and we have had notably few problems with our existing ATEME equipment in two years,” said Betamobil CEO Michael Hermann.

Interoperability was also an important consideration because Betamobil provides service to multiple broadcast clients with a range of different contribution technologies. “Compatibility of the system with all other manufacturers was a key requirement,” said Hermann. “We have had no problem transmitting over the past two years with ATEME and have started to use the devices for HD transmissions with Sky in Champions League football, as well as for ARD, ZDF, Arte, and Phoenix, along with other German and international television stations.“

The new equipment selected for the DSNG truck included the ATEME Kyrion CM4101 encoder and the DR8400 decoder. The devices offer IP and ASI/L-Band interfaces, enabling transmission over either satellite or IP networks at up to 150Mb/s.