German facilities provider outfits new OB unit with Hitachi SK-HD1000 cameras

German broadcast facilities company _wige SOLUTIONS is equipping its new PU3 mid-sized OB production unit with Hitachi cameras.

The new truck carries up to eight SK-HD1000 cameras with fiber transmission. Unit 3 is designed to provide additional coverage at major sporting events, adding interviews and tailored coverage to the main sports action.

The vehicle provides fan TV coverage at nearly all soccer matches played by both men’s and women’s German soccer teams, as well as coverage of major motor sports. The OB unit also is well-suited to video production associated with large corporate events.

One of the key requirements for its sports applications is the ability to provide high-quality HD images in variable lighting conditions, including areas away from the pitch used for interviews. The Hitachi SK-HD1000 camera offers a superior signal to noise performance, meaning it produces high-quality images even in low-light conditions. The cameras are equipped for fiber transmission as well as a true digital triax system and low delay wireless operating systems.

With outside broadcast companies traditionally relying on freelance operators, it is vital that the cameras are intuitive to use, especially under the pressure of live broadcasting. The Hitachi camera was designed to put all the key controls where experienced camera operators expect to find them. weight and balanced design means it can be used handheld and on Steadicam where necessary.

Based in Meuspath, Germany, _wige SOLUTIONS has been using Hitachi cameras for three years.