Genesis Networks Adds Three New Third-Party Switching Centres to Network

Genesis Networks, a provider of next-generation global video transmission services, has added three new third-party switching centres to its network of broadcaster locations and distribution hubs. The new sites include Telstra DVN in Sydney, Australia; Telecom NZ (Albany) in Auckland, New Zealand; and The Switch in Miami. Genesis is also building into the Azzurro switching centre in New York.

Operated by telecommunications companies, the switching centres enable local broadcasters to connect and exchange video feeds with one another.

Jeremy Dujardin, vice president of engineering for Genesis Networks, said the switching centres are a virtual "meet me" points for customers that may not require 24/7 connectivity but do require the flexibility of booking from various points all over the world at a moment's notice.

Other switching companies that participate in the Genesis occasional-use network include:

  • AT&T Hollywood Video Hub in Los Angeles
  • AT&T San Francisco Video Hub in San Francisco
  • AVOC in Washington, D.C.
  • Bell TOC in Toronto
  • Bell TOC in Montréal
  • BT Tower in London
  • JCS in Jerusalem
  • Madou Tower in Brussels
  • NOB Cross Media in Amsterdam
  • Serte Tower in Paris
  • The Switch in New York
  • Torespaña Switching Centre in Madrid