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Gefen Upgrades Two KVM Extenders for HD Displays

Two new KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) extenders from Gefen support digital video displays equipped with DVI-plus companion peripherals, in addition to a standard keyboard and mouse. Gefen's new CAT5-1000 HD and CAT5-7000 HD use a sender-receiver methodology connected by CAT-5 cables to link a computer to remote peripherals.

The CAT5-1000 HD supports the extension of one DVI display and USB up to 150 feet from the computer using one CAT-5 cable. The CAT5-7000 HD supports the extension of two DVI displays, USB, PS/2, RS-232 and audio, plus a mic, up to 150 feet using multiple CAT-5 cables.

Gefen upgraded CAT-5 KVM extenders to ensure that HD and SD digital video retains its clarity--and that the accompanying peripherals perform remotely with as much speed as if connected locally. The plug-and-play system requires one 5VDC power supply to feed the system, which can be connected at either end.