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Gas Pump TV Launches Lotto Live

MULTIPLE CITIES: The folks who bring TV to the tops of gas pumps have a solution. Outcast Media and PumpTop TV have launched Lotto Live. Now, drivers can view real-time information--such as jackpot values and draw dates--while they pump their gas. 

The product includes “high-definition creative and rich audio,” the companies said. 

California Lottery, which needs to sell about 743 trillion lottery tickets if it hopes to balance the state budget, is the first client onboard.

“With Lotto Live we’re connecting state lotteries with millions of consumers within steps of point of purchase,” said Outcast/PumpTop TV spokesman Nathan Gill. “The product’s enhanced targeting, dynamic content, and proximity to point of sale creates an actionable dialog with the consumer that’s impossible to achieve with traditional billboards or radio. We’re delighted that the nation’s largest state lottery has decided to take advantage of this powerful new product.” 

Lotto Live can also include directions to the nearest lottery kiosk 

The Outcast Media/PumpTop TV joint venture says it’s the only such network with a hi-def digital screen at every pump. The joint venture reaches a combined 20 million viewers every month on 12,600 screens at service stations and convenience stores nationwide, including 15 of the top DMAs. -- filched from Government Video