Game On Audio upgrades to Solid State Logic C300 console

Game On Audio, the audio-for-video-game producer, recently installed a Solid State Logic C300 HD Master Studio System with 32 faders and 192 channels of DSP in its new Montreal-based Studio A.

The C300 is used to handle the complexity of post-production mixing for video games. It’s used in tandem with an SSL XLogic Mynx (with two SuperAnalogue mic presets for vocal recording) and two SSL XLogic Delta Link MADI HD units.

Studio A is used for in-game and cinematics post production for video games, so the C300 was chosen to handle the variety of projects on a daily basis.

The C300 control surface is user-programmable, offering the ability to set up a library of console presets. These presets could cover everything from the favorite workflow settings of individual engineers to recalling specific projects or console configurations supporting client work styles.

In addition, the C300 includes vertical fader stacks for mapping complex track layouts to a fixed console configuration, high-resolution TFT display routing and processing, 128 x 8 monitor matrix, 64 pec/direct channels and eight channel monitor insert.