Game Creek Video HD vehicles provide production facilities for Super Bowl

Game Creek Video in Hudson, NH, fielded nine vehicles with a total of 120 QuStream frame synchronizers and eight QuStream routers for coverage of the Super Bowl Feb. 3.

Game Creek Video's fleet includes the Freedom, Patriot, Yankee Clipper and Intrepid HD vehicles as well as the multitruck FX HD Production System built primarily for FOX Sports. Two SD trucks, Eagle HD and Northstar, were completely rebuilt as HD trucks in 2007. FX, Patriot, Yankee Clipper and Northstar and their associated support trucks were deployed in Phoenix. FX and Patriot produced the game for FOX Sports; Northstar and Yankee Clipper produced studio coverage for ESPN.

Launched in August 2006, Game Creeks' FX Production System is a four-truck unit with two 53ft expando trucks and two 53ft straight side trucks. FX has a large routing infrastructure, featuring a 512 x 1024 Cheetah HD video router and a 2048 x 2048 Cheetah DRS mixed format audio router deployed across four trucks and interconnected with single-mode fiber. FX is also equipped with 30 Fortel UDC-550 up/down/crossconverters, 15 FS-511 analog to digital frame syncs and DAS-441A audio delays.

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