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Game Creek uses Pesa routing for NBA 2005 finals

Game Creek Video used its two HD trucks, Patriot and Yankee Clipper, for coverage of NBA playoff games on ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC’s primary HD broadcasts.

The trucks each carry a Pesa Cheetah routing switcher, which handles all monitoring and signal routing activities.

Some of Game Creek's trucks and their "B" units were on site for almost 45 days, providing complete coverage of post-season games at San Antonio's SBC Center. Patriot and Patriot B provided ABC with the primary HD feeds for its NBA playoff coverage, while Yankee Clipper and SD mobile unit Discovery supported SportsCenter and a variety of other NBA programs for ESPN networks.

The Cheetah systems installed in the trucks are mounted in 128x128 frames, populated with HD cards, and feature 64 outputs with HD-to-SD downconversion. Each routing system handles SDI and HDTV signals, as well as other non-standard digital signals in one frame.

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