Full Sail students get real-world experience with Canon HD lenses

The school’s HD production department has selected a variety of Canon HD portable, studio and cine lenses.

Full Sail Real World Education, a media arts college near Orlando, FL, has equipped the school’s HD production department with Canon HD portable, studio and cine lenses.

Students are using two Canon HJ11ex4.7B IASE eHDxs wide-angle HD zoom lenses for shooting live concerts and other special events in HD. Part of Canon’s eHDxs family of lenses, the HJ11ex4.7B

features the company’s exclusive enhanced digital eDrive technology, which enables users to automate select lens functions, such as memorized focus and zoom positions, zoom speed, padded zoom starts/stops, and iris settings, depending on personal preferences.

Full Sail students shooting music videos and other studio productions use three Canon DIGISUPER XJ23x7B IE-D HD studio lenses. This high-performance studio zoom lens features the company’s proprietary Power Optical System and X-Element design to achieve the best possible HD pictures, even in low-light settings.

Digital cinematography projects at Full Sail are captured using Canon’s FJs5mm and FJs14mm cine prime lenses. The school has two each of both lenses, which are among the smallest and lightweight 2/3in prime lenses in the industry. These high definition-electronic cinematography (HD-EC) lenses feature a 280-degree focus-rotation angle for full focus control, dual large engraved luminous scales, and gearing for controls that meet film-industry standards on positioning and threading. Full Sail’s digital cinematography program also has 11 YH16x7 KRSB SD lenses for beginner students.

For more information, visit www.usa.canon.com.