Fujitsu demonstrates retailing solutions at NRF

Fujitsu unveiled a suite of solutions via its Pervasive Retailing exhibit at the NRF 2007 trade show earlier this month. Fujitsu's experience zones showcased the interoperability of the company's Pervasive Retailing Framework (PRF) and other in-store technology in a range of retail environments.

To begin the experience, attendees picked up a contactless key tag at the reception desk in Fujitsu's booth and enrolled at the kiosk station, then interacted with integrated applications throughout the booth.

The four retailing zones (pet, housewares, electronics and apparel) featured:

  • Fujitsu GlobalSTORE — A POS application
  • Contactless Interactions (RFID) — A contactless device that acts as an identification card in loyalty programs and as a payment card (prepaid, credit, debit or ACH)
  • Advanced Customer Security — Integration of customer photo ID and cell phone confirmation of transactions to improve security
  • Line-busting — Integration of Fujitsu iPAD and GlobalSTORE POS
  • Wireless eSignage — Mesh networks shaped by retailers for deployment in real-time in-store signage

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