Fujinon HD lens captures Antarctica mountain

Juan Antonio Puyol, cinematographer of Proudline Productions, traveled to Antarctica’s highest peak, Vinson Massif, to document the 40th anniversary of the first climb. He used an HTs18X4.2 ENG/EFP lens from Fujinon, coupled with a JVC GY-HD250 ProHD camera. The footage will be used for a documentary entitled “Epic Return.”

Puyol and his crew spent three weeks on the ice of Antarctica, where even in summer, temperatures dipped to 30 degrees below zero. The harsh environment and remote location put the HD gear to the test, and it performed extremely well.

Fujinon’s HTs 18X4.2 lens has a focal length range of 4.2mm to 76mm and an 18x zoom ratio. It includes the company’s DIGI POWER digital servo control system, digital Quick Zoom, and the Digital FIND (Focused Intelligent Network Diagnosis) system for preventative maintenance and troubleshooting.

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