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FSI Enhances Monitor Feature Set

Flanders Scientific Inc. (FSI) has announced the release of a firmware revision (9.35) that adds several features to products in the company’s line of LCD professional picture monitors.

The additional features include two new scope display modes that work on all inputs including DVI. These can show a combination of any of the following simultaneously: luminance waveform, vestorscope, RGB parade, YRGB peak, and two histogram modes. There’s also a provision to allow users to stretch any source to fill the screen and preserve aspect ratio in doing so. Another enhancement allows the existing luminance coloring exposure check to follow waveform scales set in the instrument’s “scopes” and “VU meters” profile. The feature now provides a clearer look at over-or underexposed areas of the frame. The firmware also allows the SD aspect ratio toggle function to be assigned to a function key.

These features are now standard on all new FSI monitors and can be added at no cost to LM-0750W, LM-1760W, LM-1770W, LM-2450W and LM-2460W models. Information is available at the company’s Web site.