Frontline Taps Vislink’s newsnet for ENG Demo Vehicle

SARASOTA, FL.—xG Technology—the provider of IMT Vislink live video communications products for the broadcast, law enforcement and defense—has announced a partnership with mobile broadcast vehicle provider Frontline Communications to deploy a customized newsnet electronic news gathering (ENG) vehicle for conducting on-site demos at broadcast client sites.

“It’s an excellent way for us to show how newsnet empowers broadcasters to maximize their coverage while fully leveraging their studio assets,” said John Payne IV, President of IMT USA. “Having multiple ENG points of view operate at the same time, and on the same BAS channel, while enabling a high-bandwidth IP connection with studio newsroom computer systems, is a game changer for the broadcast industry.”

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Vislink’s newsnet establishes a high-speed, bidirectional IP-based network that can optimize ENG field workflows and transmission by leveraging secure BAS spectrum that can be used without fear of contention, congestion or blocking, according to the company. Lower OPEX costs can result from greater workflow efficiencies and the reduced need for bonded cellular transmission.

The newsnet mobile demo site will be comprised of the mobile assets, a base station site (mobile COW), and the newsnet studio control system to provide the interface and control between the remote demo vehicle and the studio/field workflows.

Claudia Kienzle