Fresno State University selects RF Central microwave technology

The Fresno State University Athletic Department has chosen a pair of RF Central NLL-II RF transmitters and receivers for its Bulldog football stadium video system.

The RF Central units were chosen after the team did tests with competing systems. The NLL-IIs are being used to capture video of the fans, many of whom are then broadcast on the scoreboard Jumbotron as well as the players and cheerleaders. The cameras work wirelessly anywhere in the stadium.

Fresno State University will use its NLL-IIs throughout the year for an array of sports coverage including basketball, softball and baseball, all of which will be broadcast on the University’s TV station, Bulldog Sports Network (BSN).

RF Central’s NLL-II is an updated model of its predecessor, the NLL. It offers both balanced microphone and line-level inputs via switch-selectable XLR connectors on both the transmitter and receiver. It is also equipped with an LCD video confidence monitor on the receiver unit and phantom power for microphones. Each NLL-II comes with a compact travel case that holds both the transmitter and the receiver.

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