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Fraunhofer IIS at IBC Show to Demo Sonnox Pro-Codec Plug-in

Fraunhofer will showcase the Sonnox Fraunhofer Pro-Codec plug-in, which makes it possible to audition and optimize audio encoding in real time. This breaks away from the current time-consuming cycle of having to encode the mix to mp3/AAC, preview it, tweak it and then go back and re-render.

In addition, the company will demonstrate its open-standard technologies, such as HE-AAC, the standard codec in bit-rate constrained applications including mobile media streaming as well as TV and radio broadcasting, such as DVB, DAB+, ATSC-MH, ISDB and Digital Radio Mondiale. The codec supports multichannel audio broadcast at only 160 kbps, which is half or less of other surround codecs.

Fraunhofer is also showcasing metadata for its AAC family of audio codecs (AAC-LC and HE-AAC) to meet the loudness control requirements of current and future broadcasting systems. Fraunhofer’s AAC codecs include full metadata support including loudness control, dynamic range control and downmix coefficients.