France’s C-JI adds Omneon MediaDeck servers

France’s Cognacq-Jay Image (C-JI) is installing five Omneon MediaDeck integrated video servers.

C-JI will use the MediaDeck servers to provide mirrored playout of four TV channels now as well as additional channels in the near future. This is the first deployment of the Omneon MediaDeck in France.

The five Omneon MediaDeck systems will enable additional channels — Planète Justice, Vivolta, Fox, Voyages and Pink TV — and eventually will take over the evolution of existing structures, such as LCP or Motors TV.

The Omneon MediaDeck is an integrated video server built on the same system technology as the company’s flagship Spectrum media server system. The Omneon MediaDeck includes eight enterprise-class SATA disk drives, built-in GigE capability, six SD or four HD channels, hot-swappable disk drives, I/O modules and power supplies.

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