Fox Weather Partners with FlightAware to Add Weather Travel Info

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NEW YORK—As the holiday travel season kicks off with this week’s busy Thanksgiving holiday, Fox Weather has added features and information from FlightAware that will help users access some innovative travel and weather information on the Fox Weather app. 

FlightAware is a digital aviation company that operates the world’s largest flight tracking and data platform. 

Fox Weather’s partnership with FlightAware will combine FlightAware’s commercial flight tracking with Fox Weather’s radar forecasting to give travelers extensive information to see how the weather might affect their trip. 

FlightAware will also help Fox Weather provide viewers with information on which airports/airlines are dealing with the most cancellations/delays across the country.

The features were launched this week in the runup to the busy Thanksgiving holiday.

“Combining FlightAware’s extensive air travel data with live flight tracking and Fox Weather’s 3D radar, Fox Weather consumers will see stunning, real-time visuals of aircraft travel and up-to-date information as we head into a busy holiday travel season,” said Fox Weather president Sharri Berg in an exclusive statement to TV Tech.

The companies noted that the weather travel features are unique to Fox Weather and that no one else in the industry is currently combining real-time flight tracking and weather radar. 

Fox Weather

(Image credit: Fox Weather)

As part of the partnership, the companies said Fox Weather will now be able to track in real time the location of planes currently in the air as it relates to storms.

FlightAware will show where commercial flights are currently located across the country and combine Fox Weather’s 2D and 3D radars to showcase how weather across the country might be impacting those flights.

In terms of airport delays and cancellations, Fox Weather will be able to utilize FlightAware data to give viewers information on delays and cancellations at airports that might be impacted by extreme weather events. 

Using this data, Fox Weather will also be able to let viewers know which airlines are having the most delays/cancellations at specific airports across the country.

An example of how Fox Weather has begun incorporating FlightAware into its live covering on the Fox Weather app is available here (opens in new tab)

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