FOX Sports upgrades LA production stages to digital audio

FOX Networks Engineering and Operations is upgrading its audio facilities at the primary FOX Sports production stages in Los Angeles with a conversion from older analog audio technology to digital.

A centerpiece of the project is a 96-input Studer Vista 8 digital live production console, which debuted in May with the launch of FOX Sports’ Major League Baseball coverage. Assigned to Center Stage A, the console is used for “MLB on Fox” and post-game coverage. In September, Stage A will be assigned to NFL coverage, and the console will be used for the network’s pre-game, half-time and post-game shows. September is also the target for bringing a second Vista 8 online at Stage B for use on “The Best Damn Sports Show Period.”

The two Studer desks are being installed as part of an initiative to fully overhaul Stage A and B’s audio control suites, which previously used older analog mixing consoles. Upon completion, both suites and stages will carry a fully digital audio and video spec. The Vista consoles are capable of 5.1 surround sound and will be ready for the conversion to surround when FOX makes the move.

The Vista 8 digital live production console combines the on-air features of the Vista 6 with the dynamic automation of the Vista 7. It offers the Vista’s Vistonics interface, Virtual Surround Panning (VSP) and AutoTouch Plus dynamic automation.