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Fox Sports 1 Launches With Quantel

NEWBURY, ENGLAND— Fox Networks and Engineering has expanded its Quantel Enterprise sQ HD production system to support the new Fox Sports 1 network, which will launch August 17.

Fox Sports 1 will broadcast a daily sports news program and will air coverage of multiple sports, with Major League Baseball to become part of the schedule in 2014. Fox NE&O provides technology and services to USA national sports broadcaster Fox Sports Media Group. The expansion increases the number of ingest ports and adds more editing capabilities to support the new channel.

Fox's Quantel system, based at its headquarters in Los Angeles, is built around ten sQ servers, split into two production zones, providing more than 1700 hours of HD media storage. The system supports around 80 simultaneous users working on 24 sQ View applications, eight sQ Cut, 12 sQ Edit and four Qube craft editors. There are also 14 Media Viewer applications supporting Dixon Sports Hilite Loggers. The system also supports multiple sQ Play applications for playout and Livetouch applications used for instant playback of live sports action.

“It was an easy decision to expand our existing Enterprise sQ system. It provides both power and speed with a very quick turnaround time from ingest to air,” said Fox NE&O Executive Vice President Todd Daly. “The system is intuitive which has eased training as we ramp up for the new channel.”


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