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Former Harris and Grass Valley Exec Thorsteinson Lands

OTTAWA, ONTARIO: Tim Thorsteinson, former head of Harris Broadcast and the Grass Valley Group, Tim Thorsteinson, has landed at Enablence Technologies. Thorsteinson will serve as president and chief operating officer of the company, which does fiber-to-the-premises and develops optical chip technology.

Thorsteinson will get 1 million stock options as part of his compensation package. in his new role. The company says these were priced at 49 cents Canadian as of the close of business on Dec.29, 2009.The grant of these options is in accordance with the company’s four-year vesting period with the first 25 percent vesting at the anniversary date of the grant of the options. The options expire six years after the four-year vesting period.

Thorsteinson retired as president of the Harris Broadcast Division last October. Prior to Harris, he was president and CEO at Leitch Technology, which was later acquired by Harris. He has held several senior and executive management positions including those at Thomson Broadcast and Media Solutions, the Grass Valley Group, and the Video and Networking Division at Tektronix. -- Deborah D. McAdams