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Force introduces digital EXCELLinx fiber optic DTV/HDTV transport for broadcasters, MSOs

Force is introducing two new SMPTE-to-ASI combination transport and format conversion modules for model 3762 Digital EXCELLinx fiber-optic transport platform.

These two new 3762 modules transport and simultaneously convert SMPTE 310M to ASI formats eliminating the need for additional conversion hardware that broadcasters and MSOs need to complete the transport of broadcast transmissions.

Model 3762TE-NN offers a straight conversion module, while the Model 3762TF-NN includes an ASI loopback connector for monitoring the ASI signal at the headend.

All Model 3762 modules are hot-swappable and can be uniquely configured for each user. With the new SMPTE-to-ASI conversion module, broadcasters can multiplex and hand-off a converted SMPTE-to-ASI format, plus an analog broadcast signal with six audio channels or a 270Mb/s SDI signal or multiple 19.4Mb/s SMPTE signals.

Additionally, the MSO receive site can monitor transmitter performance through telemetry information provided by a wide range of control options.

For more information visit booths C9539, C11222, and C12332 or go to:

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