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FOR-A reports strong Latin America sales for switchers

Chilevision, a premiere production company in Latin America, has installed four HVS-300HS HD/SD portable video switchers from FOR-A Latin America, a division of FOR-A, for its broadcast operations. One of the units is used as a main switcher in a small technical production room for drama productions. The other units are used as emergency backup switchers in a large control room.

Broadeyes Producciones, an independent production company based in Santiago, has also selected the HVS-300HS for its HD truck (one of the first HD production trucks in the Chilean market). Club Hipico de Santiago is a horseracing venue that purchased a larger switcher for its production needs, the 2 M/E HVS-3800HS. The Chilean education market has also embraced the HVS-300HS, with units installed in Central University of Chile (Universidad Central de Chile) in Santiago and Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso).

In addition, VideoMedia, based in Santiago, Chile, has purchased two VPS-715 1.5 M/E Ginga video switchers as well. One switcher is used on Cámara de Diputados, a TV network that broadcasts sessions of the Chilean Parliament, commission meetings, press conferences, activities of the presidency, and cultural sessions. The second VPS-715 has been installed into a mobile unit designed by VideoMedia for Accionmedia Television, which provides mobile production services to a variety of companies such as Air Channel TV, Cable Channel TV, Producers of TV, and other companies.