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Slow Motion Instant Replay ControllersDNF Controls: You're Only As Good As Your Controller

At DNF Controls, we've built every one of our control systems with the understanding that each operator and each application is unique. To provide our customers with the most effective control solutions, we work directly with the people who will be relying on the equipment, and we refine our products according to their input. Our goal is to deliver the functionality required to create exciting and memorable productions, along with the speed and simplicity operators need in demanding live broadcast environments, which entail split-second decision-making and execution.

Airing replays throughout live broadcasts is a critical feature of sports events, and as freelance operator Olaf Bahr commented, "You're only as good as your controller. If your controller fails, you fail." Bahr and his fellow operators are responsible for marking cue points during the game action and recalling them instantly on-demand from the producer or director. To assure operators a successful show, DNF's ST300 slow motion controller was developed to their specifications. The ST300 slow motion controller meets operators' need for an instant replay control solution that is fast, easy to use, and reliable. It features a set-up menu that allows each operator to select personal working preferences, a T-Bar for precise speed control, a newly engineered jog knob for acute shuttling, and above all, absolute precision when recalling cue points. Our customers have also asked for a comprehensive sports control system with the ability to do transitions, highlight reels, slow motion replays÷the whole package÷in a familiar, reliable system. In response, DNF developed the DMAT Sports Controller. DMAT makes it easy to do slow motion instant replay and super slow motion playback, as well as to build, manage, and play out highlight lists.

Efficient, accurate, and intuitive control systems such as the ST300 and DMAT enhance operatorsâ reaction times, allowing them to respond instantly to unpredictable or spontaneous events. Using these tools, most operations only require one or two keystrokes. Operators execute a thought and see it realized while at the same time having the freedom to explore other options.

At DNF, our philosophy is simple: We do not believe our customers should have to bend to fit the equipment.

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