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Focus Launches FS-H200 Pro DTE Recorder

Focus Enhancements FS-H200 Pro DTE Recorder
Focus Enhancements has introduced the FS-200 Pro portable Compact Flash DTE recorder, a fully featured version of its entry-level FS-H200 DTE recorder introduced earlier this year.

The FS-H200 Pro adds popular advanced features such as video playback on the unit’s color LCD, MPEG-4 proxy generation, wireless metadata logging as well as MXF HDV support (for Avid users). It’s designed to be used with professional DC and HDC cameras and features a single card slot for easy swap out of industry standard Compact Flash (CF) solid state media. Once recorded, users supplied CD cards can be easily mounted to both Windows and Mac systems either via USB 2.0 from the FS-H200 itself or via standard memory card readers for Direct to Edit workflow with popular NLE systems.

FS-H200 Pro is this moth through the Focus Enhancements worldwide dealer and distributor network for a US MSRP of $1,295.