Florida Viewer Duped by Fake News

WEST PALM BEACH, FLA.: A Florida man called authorities after seeing what he interpreted to be a reaction to a terrorist attack being covered on TV, The Associated Press reported. A five-day, nationwide anti-terrorism drill was conducted during the last week in July, complete with a mock newscast of events. The exercise was the first of its kind in the United States and included agencies in Canada, Mexico, Britain and Australia. Few other details about the exercise were publicized, besides the fake newscast with Homeland Security officials talking about threats and government response.

AP said the man “somehow” accessed the newscast and called authorities. It was not revealed just how he tuned in the signal, but the frequency was said to be abandoned when Homeland Security folks got wind of the incident. The mock newscast was said to have a “prominent” graphic stating that it was part of an exercise, and provided a phone number, which the man used. He was told not to worry. Meanwhile Homeland Security officials are trying to figure out how the mock newscast became unsecured.