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Ferri Creates LED Studio for NBC Sports Group

NEW YOR— Ferri Lighting Design & Associates has completed a project to light the NBC Sports Group International Broadcast Center in Stamford, Conn.

The company says the FLDA design, which encompasses four studios and one newsroom, is the largest all-LED broadcast studio configuration in the industry. The design has created an energy-efficient operation for the home of NBC Sports and NBCSN.

FLDA worked with a team from Barbizon to manage lighting installation, with the first studio launched in December 2012, and larger studios in January and February 2013. The FLDA team, led by president and senior designer Bruce Ferri and lighting designers Mick Smith and Fred Bock, created a test network for NBC Sports Group, in New York, that demonstrated the flexibility of the lighting system.

“We have a long track record with NBC, and created the first all-LED studio of its kind, with CNBC’s NYSE installation, so the NBC Sports Group presented us with a chance to create a true showcase for LED lighting in a broadcast studio setting,” said Ferri. “We were able to demonstrate that LED lighting provides high-quality output while managing energy costs.”

FLDA created the NBC Sports Group design for lights manufactured by Electronic Theater Controls, Inc. and incorporated 337 ETC LED S4 Leko lights. FLDA used ETC controllers for the lighting network, including 4 ETC EOS RPUs; 2 ETC ION RPUs; 6 ETC ION RVIs, 2 ETC ION Console, and 6 ETC SmartSwitch units.

FLDA’s team has previously worked on other sports studio installations, including designs for ESPN, the MLB Network, and others. FLDA has a history with NBC, including for CNBC, MSNBC, as well as NBC Nightly News, Saturday Night Live and The Today Show.