FCC Revises Comcast-NBCU Comment Schedule

WASHINGTON: The FCC established a new end date for accepting input on its docket pertaining to the merger between Comcast and NBC Universal. Comments and petition on docket No. 10-56 are now due June 21 rather than May 3. Responses and opposing petitions are due July 21 rather than June 2, and replies are due Aug. 5 rather than June 17.

The Media Bureau suspended the original filing deadlines April 16 to give interested parties more time to digest two reports the agency solicited from Comcast and NBCU. The reports were requested to back up claims made by the pair regarding the economic impact of the merger, and how it would effect online video distribution. The Media Bureau stopped the 180-day shot clock on the proceeding when it determined that commenters needed more time to analyze the reports.