FCC Extends Comment Deadline in Wireless Mic Proceeding

WASHINGTON:The FCC extended the deadline for public comments relating to proposed changes in wireless microphone licensing rules. The comment period has been extended to March 1; comments were originally due today, but activity at the commission has been hampered in recent weeks by record snowfall.

“The complex issues raised in this proceeding have far-reaching ramifications for the entire wireless microphone community, many of whom do not normally follow Commission activities,” said Mark Brunner of Shure, the Niles, Ill., microphone maker that filed the motion for extending the comment deadline. “The extension gives wireless microphone users a greater opportunity to develop a complete and meaningful record for the commission’s consideration.”

The dockets in subject to the comment period include WT Nos. 08-166, Revision to Rules Authorizing the Operation of Low Power Auxiliary Stations in the 698-806 MHz Band; 08-167, Public Interest Spectrum Coalition, Petition for Rulemaking Regarding Low-Power Auxiliary Stations, including Wireless Microphones and the DTV Transition; and 10-24, Amendment of Parts 15, 74 and 90 of the FCC’s Rules Regarding Low-Power Auxiliary Stations, including Wireless Microphones.