Fairlight Acquires DSP Media Products

Fairlight has acquired the intellectual property of the now-defunct DSP Media, including the V motion and AV transfer products. Fairlight made the acquisition to enhance its product range by improving connectivity and video integration. The products will be branded under the Fairlight name.

DSP's core R&D team has also joined Fairlight. Existing DSP customers are being supported by a third-party company based in Australia. Fairlight will not develop DSP's legacy editors further.

DSP's V motion Hard Disk Video Player/Recorder for post-production is designed to replace conventional analog and digital VTRs, offering high-capacity hard disk storage, editing, networking capability and 48-kHz/16-bit integrated digital audio. The AV transfer utility is a software hub that handles all pro audio formats. Any professional digital audio file format can be accessed, played, converted, manipulated, imported and exported.