Eyeheight offers enigmaHDi data transport system

Eyeheight will introduce a number of additions to its range of compact modular broadcast production and post-production products at NAB2007 (booth SU2823). This includes Ethernet-based module control and data uploading for remote monitoring and control.

The new enigmaHDi allows RS-232 data to be transported via an HD-SDI link, providing a fully transparent serial link. Data is carried with complete integrity on three user-selectable lines of the HD signal stream. The enigmaHDi system can be used in a wide range of applications, including camera pan/tilt data forwarding to effects equipment, caption data forward and tape metadata delivery. Carrier lines can be blanked to conceal data from downstream devices or viewers. Two enigmaHDi units can be housed in a 1RU frame.

Also at NAB, eyeheight's legalHHPi HD legalizer provides easy control over the Y, U and V levels of incoming HD-SDI signals. It allows selective reduction of the saturation of pixels, which would otherwise result in overmodulation of the composite waveform. The total composite waveform is maintained within the range defined by composite high clip and composite low clip. Operating in composite, YUV and RGB color spaces, legalHHPi incorporates two independent outputs for legalize and user-controllable legal/indicate. Clipping levels and soft-clipping knee levels are adjustable. Eyeheight's clobbering technology suppresses luminance overshoot and undershoot.

There's also a new SDI Master Control system, based on the company's Playout Compact system in a 1RU frame. Built around a four-group A/B mixer with 16-channel audio, Playout Compact uses the first in a new generation of the Eyeheight intelligent dual-processor (1RU chassis) with Ethernet, RS232/422, 14 GPI/tallies and optional hot swap dual redundant PSU. PresTX automation protocol is included.

For more information, visit www.eyeheight.com.