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Eyeheight introduces LI-2DM logo inserter

Eyeheight’s new LI-2DM multi-rate dual logo inserter incorporates two independent channels, including separate inputs and outputs, enabling mixed-rate operation. Each of the two logo inserters has two independent layers, allowing two logos to be superimposed. Logos can also be animated.

The LI-2DM has an internal memory capacity of about one full HD frame or five full SD frames. A typical logo occupying 1/8 frame size can be animated across 64 HD frames or 320 SD frames.

Logo upload is done via Eyeheight's netLogo PC application. Monitoring and control can be performed within the Eyeheight etherBox chassis using a standard Web browser. Alternatively, six LI-2DM dual logo inserters can be incorporated in a 1 U FB-9E chassis, giving a density of 12 logo-inserter channels per rack unit