Eyeheight introduces AD-2EM audio descriptor

Eyeheight has introduced the AD-2EM audio descriptor. The unit enables broadcasters of high-definition television programs to monitor pre-encoded data containing audio and pan/fade information.

Designed for use in master control rooms and playout suites, the AD-2EM decodes audio description and control data from audio embedded in the HD-SDI transport stream. It generates an in-vision display of audio level, fade and pan information. A status bar shows audio description errors such as swapped or inverted data. This display can be hidden and locked for automatic on-air use by audio description decoders.

A mix of audio description and program is provided on embedded group 1, channels 3 and 4, with correct pan and fade response. Raw program audio is embedded on channels 3 and 4 in the absence of a valid audio descriptor control track. In-vision error reporting also is provided.

Up to six AD-2EM modules can be housed in an Eyeheight FB-9E 1RU smart chassis with an integral web server for monitoring and control. An optional FP-9 front panel can be added to allow local control via illuminated self-legending pushbuttons.