Eyeheight installs mixers at WDR

German state broadcaster WDR has selected Eyeheight's vista vision mixers for installation at its headquarters in Cologne.

Five vistas are now operational, configurable for parallel or cascaded applications. Logic Media Solutions, Eyeheight's German reseller, supplied the vistas.

A 625/525 line version of Eyeheight's vistaHD, vista is an A/B SDI mixer with full 10 SDI processing and programmable mix times. Channel transitions can be performed manually from a desktop T-bar or automatically. Choose from a variety of wipes including, horizontal, vertical and diamond with user-definable edge softness. Non sync indication and relative input timing display are provided along with automation control and four memories to store all user settings. Additional features include an input synchroniser, alpha mixer and wipe generator. vista is designed to handle both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios.

For more information visit www.eyeheight.com.

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