Eyeheight HD/SD color correctors go the distance for London Marathon

SIS LIVE, one of the largest mobile production and uplink service providers in Europe, used a series of canalettoMDi HD/SD color correctors from Eyeheight for its coverage of the 30th London Marathon on April 25.

The units were deployed at the BBC Television Centre, in London. Each unit was housed in a 1RU chassis with an integral control panel.

The color correctors were used to grade video from cameras on two motorcycles and two helicopters tracking the event, according to Geoff Layton, a technician in SIS LIVE's Special Cameras department. Although HD-capable, the FP-9C units were used in SD mode for the marathon.

The color corrector is designed for use in 1080i and 720p HD-SDI projects, as well as 625i PAL and 525i NTSC SD resolutions. Integrated HD-SDI/SDI auto-sensing enables the unit to switch automatically to the incoming feed. Input and output are both 1.5Gb/s or SDI compatible. Each red, green and blue channel has individually controllable gain, lift and gamma together with overall hue correction.

A built-in legalizer with automatic luma overshoot suppression and undershoot control ensures that the color corrector's output conforms fully to all common color correction settings. Full 10-bit processing is employed and six flash RAM user memories are incorporated. The color corrector is available in half- or full-rack configurations. Two units can optionally be accommodated in the full-rack version.