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Eyeheight announces CC-3G multistandard autolegalizing color corrector

Eyeheight announces a new addition to its range of autolegalizing color correctors. The CC-3G is designed for use in digital cinema production, post and presentation as well as high-end television. Compatible with latest-generation 3Gb/s infrastructure, it accepts all commonly used standards from interlaced 525/625-line SD up to progressive 1080-line 50-frame and 1080-line 60-frame HD.

The CC-3G allows fast adjustment of color balance to ensure visual consistency between adjacent sequences and throughout a program. An integral legalizer automatically conforms outgoing signals fully to user-defined standard output parameters or to the default EBU Technical Recommendation R103-2000. This is a vital concern given the potential of equipment operating in YUV color space to exceed the levels specified by broadcasters and transmission service providers for content delivery through RGB-based and composite networks.

Control of the CC-3G is via a dedicated panel. Adjustment of red, green and blue component levels, lift and master gamma as well as overall luma, chroma gain, black-level adjustment and overall hue can be performed in real time. The CC-3G also uses Eyeheight’s proven and effective luma overshoot and undershoot suppression.

Configurable parameters such as legalization levels are accessible via an intuitive menu system based on LED pushbuttons with electronically generated legends. Settings assigned by one or more operators can be stored in six internal nonvolatile memories.

The CC-3G incorporates a color-corrected output plus a preview output. Individual R, G and B indicators on the preview output show legalize-clipped areas. Original and color-corrected video can be compared via an operator-adjustable split screen. Other features include autosensing SD/HD-SDI inputs, error-detection handling/cyclic-redundancy check reinsertion and full 10-bit internal processing.

Using Eyeheight’s I-Bus network, each panel can control up to six plug-in modular color correction cards in a 1RU smart chassis. This makes the CC-3G one of the most compact color correctors on the market. Up to eight panels can be networked. The system also includes a maintenance mode to assist installation.