EVS Demo Van Adds IHSE KVM Systems

CRANBURY, N.Y.—As EVS prepares its new demo van for “EVS Live on Tour,” which kicks off at the 2016 NAB Show, IHSE has announced that its KVM matrix switches and extenders have been applied to drive the van’s workflows and equipment. IHSE’s KVM systems will reportedly connect all PCs, servers and other gear inside the van to give users access and control of devices from a single workstation.

IHSE USA's Draco tera compact in EVS Tour Truck

The KVM system consist of IHSE’s Draco tera compact 32-port matrix switch, which serves as the van’s central connection between its workstations and EVS technology, providing dynamic switching between sources. The system features Cat5e/6 connections and Draco vario series 474 KVM extenders with DVI-I connectors that support both DVI and VGA sources. Extenders are packaged in six-bay, 1U frames with internal dual supplies.

“EVS Live on Tour” will head out from the NAB Show to stops at major events throughout the year, including the Indy 500, U.S. Open, and NBA, MLB and NFL games, to give customers hands-on, on-site demonstrations.