Evertz Microsystems’ VistaLink handles networked monitoring and configuration

Evertz Microsystems’ VistaLINK monitoring and management software, used to control the company’s enabled video products, can monitor video signals from anywhere in the world.

Using software based on the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), VistaLINK keeps an eye on both incoming and departing signals at strategic locations (called “demarcation points”) throughout a video network. When a problem occurs, an alert is sent through the network (even to a PDA or pager), and the operator can quickly diagnose the situation and address it.

VistaLINK Pro unites Evertz’s VistaLINK-enabled Fiber, Conversion and AVM product lines. This customized, Java-based monitoring and configuration tool is ready-to-use within network monitoring facilities and provides not only a complete and cost-effective network solution, but also the ability to combine a customized configuration tool with existing, third-party SNMP-ready network control systems.

Evertz also maintains its VistaLINK Partnership Program, originated in 2001, that fosters the company’s working relationships with key software (control system) developers/partners. They continually work with these partners to support interface development and assist in consolidating software platforms.

For more information visit www.evertz.com/proddesc/vistalinkPRO(FS).html.

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