Ev1.tv delivers news and sports with Broadcast Pix

Broadcast Pix has announced that ev1.tv, a local TV station covering the Emsland and Grafschaft Bentheim district in Lower Saxony, German, is using a Granite 5000 Video Control Center in the control room of its brand-new studio, alongside a Slate 1000 Video Control Center in its OB (Outside Broadcast) van.

The station uses these systems mainly to produce a daily newscast and talk show in the studio, while the production van covers football games.
According to Nico Stähle, chief engineer for ev1.tv, the Granite was chosen because he needed a 2 M/E mixer that was easy to operate, and fits well into the workflow with existing Final Cut Pro workstations.
Ev1.tv distributes its programming via cable and online. The new Broadcast Pix systems were purchased last summer through Studio Hamburg Media Consult International (MCI), which handled the Granite installation (Stähle installed the Slate in the production van).

ev1.tv uses a number of Fluent built-in workflow tools in both systems, including the animation store and Harris CG to create animated lower-thirds. Fluent-View is used to display all sources and keys on a 52-inch LCD monitor in the control room.