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Euphonix ships color grading surface for Mac Platform

Euphonix has begun shipping MC Color, a color grading surface that offers control and integration with Apple’s Color 1.5.

The slim-line MC Color attaches to the Macintosh computer via Ethernet, and features high-resolution optical trackballs, trackwheels, displays, encoders and a host of programmable keys to speed up and enhance the Apple Color workflow.

MC Color’s compact design is portable enough for on-set grading, and can be combined with other Euphonix media controllers to build a larger, integrated video editing control surface.

MC Color features EuCon, a high-speed Ethernet control protocol developed by Euphonix that Apple has natively integrated into the new Final Cut Studio. The device is constantly aware of which room the user is working, automatically updating MC Color’s controls and displays, including the nine programmable soft keys, to present the parameters specific to the current room.

Three high-resolution optical trackballs and weighted trackwheels offer tactile feedback, and the center trackball and keys can be toggled on the fly to work as a mouse so that the colorist’s hands never have to leave the control surface during grading.

Six touch-sensitive encoders provide precise control over grading parameters and enable quick navigation of Color’s eight-room interface and secondaries, while the high-resolution OLED displays give detailed feedback of all adjustments.