ESPN, Mylan WTT Using In-Match Mics on Tennis Players

NEW YORK—ESPN and Mylan World TeamTennis is serving up a new level of access to viewers with the introduction of on-player wireless microphones during professional tennis matches. Using Quantum5X QT-5100 PlayerMics, on-court action will be captured and included in the league’s live broadcasts of matches this summer.

The microphones use a specialty wireless audio system that was developed in partnership between Q5X and Bexel. Bexel is providing the player mic technology, which includes sourcing the Quantum QT-5100 PlayerMic for integration into match broadcasts. The players will wear the concealed mic and a wireless transmitter, which weighs less than two ounces and is 1/3-inch thick. A remote control device can turn the sound relay on and off during play. Two to three players and each coach will be mic’d up during the matches, with Mylan WTT able to select who to showcase in each match.

The mics will make their debut on July 18 during a match between the Washington Kastles and the New York Empire. The match will be aired on ESPN 3, which will air 12 Mylan WTT matches during its three-week season. Tennis Channel and Comcast Sportsnet are also expected to broadcast the July 18 match.