Ericsson highlights OpenStream DSP at Cable Show

At the Cable Show last week, Ericsson showcased its OpenStream DSP, a comprehensive VOD solution that’s also an infrastructure for providing advanced digital services beyond traditional video on demand.

The technology provides compatibility with best-in-class VOD pumps, client applications, conditional access and billing systems. It enables service providers to easily deploy on-demand services using system components of their own choice. This allows operators to utilize VOD servers from multiple vendors to minimize costs and provide the utmost flexibility.

OpenStream can be used with any set-top box application provider. With CORBA and Web services interfaces, OpenStream DSP allows customized applications without requiring custom integration with video servers or billing systems. With the industry-wide introduction of tru2way, OpenStream supports VOD on any retail set-top box; Motorola, Cisco, DVB and IP networks from a single installation.

In addition, OpenStream DSP’s component-based architecture offers a number of installation options including stand-alone, regional and nationally controlled systems. The small system VOD solution (SSVOD) enables service providers to offer on-demand services in even the smallest sites while minimizing operations costs and centralizing VOD management functions. With high- and low-bandwidth options, OpenStream DSP gives service providers the flexibility to offer on-demand services in locations that were previously unreachable due to cost.