Envivio Launches Muse 4.0

SAN FRANCISCO – Envivio has announced the latest version of its video compression software, Envivio Muse 4.0. With a new ‘Up!’ compression mode, Muse 4.0 looks to improve video quality standards like MPEG-2 and H.264.

‘Up!’ is a new mode on the Envivio Muse 4.0 that allows better control over some of the advanced video parameters to attain higher video quality. Other upgrades in Muse 4.0 include improved preprocessing spatial filters, a new spatio-temporal complexity analysis module to adjust the encoding parameters in real-time, and specific treatment for static area. The upgrades help bring on average 10 percent improvement in video quality.

The Muse 4.0 also features live stream switching – seamless video switching between sources at a scheduled time – and fast redundancy.

Partners for Muse 4.0 include Intel, Dolby, Nagra and Verimatrix.