Entone, Neterion Showcase 10 Gb Ethernet HD IPTV

Entone Technologies and Neterion (formerly S2io) have teamed up to provide the first 10-Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) HD IPTV demonstration. The Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) has selected Entone as the exclusive IPTV provider for its SuperDemo at SuperComm in Chicago.

Integrated with Neterion's 10 GigE technology, Entone's StreamLiner network video recorder is providing video streaming to about 30 of MEF's members. Proponents say it's the largest Ethernet interoperability demonstration ever undertaken.

The demo--according to the firms' joint statement--provides evidence that "the Ethernet has been released from the confines of the local area network [and] it's time for us to show the world what Carrier Ethernet is capable of, in terms of delivering carrier-class applications and services to enterprise, residential and mobile markets." The showcase technologies from Entone and Neterion are targeting IPTV and VOD capabilities, including HD-level applications.