Ensequence secures $26 million in finances to build out mobile TV future

All eyes are on Ensequence this week as the company sets its sites on the future and building out mobile TV. The company's customers include major content providers such as NBCUniversal, MTV Networks, Showtime Networks, Turner Broadcasting, HBO and providers including Comcast, Dish Network, Time Warner and Verizon. Peter Low, president and CEO of Ensequence, has one thing on his mind: the future of mobile television.

This funding round for Ensequence was led by Myrian Capital, a venture and capital management firm chaired by Mike Mathile and affiliated with the Mathile family. They also announced a new board member, Jim Stengel, former global marketing officer at Procter & Gamble, CEO of The Jim Stengel Company consulting firm and member of Myrian Capital's advisory board.

Ensequence has been in the game for more than 10 years, and its technology platform has integrated with some the largest TV innovators in the industry. The goal has always been to make ads more interactive and engaging. CEO Peter Low said this week that there is a huge opportunity for the company to rise the crest of mobile and connected TV adoption, and Ensequence needs to be a part of it. Transforming ads is on the forefront of the initiative, with the end goal having ads be less like ads and more like entertainment.

Ensequence is seeing fast growth in smartphone, tablet and connected devices, but also can see fragmentation, with so many networks and channels and advertisers. Coming up with a targeted plan that works for all involved parties and most importantly a consistent message, look and feel for the end user is what the company plans on targeting in the coming 12 months. Ensequence makes it easy for advertisers to immediately get into the mix and get their content out to the masses using their innovative broadcast and mobile technology, and this new round of financing will take what they want to do to the next level.