Emerson College buys Ross Video gear

Boston’s Emerson College has purchased a full complement of Ross Video HD production equipment for its student productions, including a Vision 2 production switcher, OverDrive automated production control system, XPression graphics system, openGear terminal equipment and SoftMetal production video server.

Emerson went online Oct. 14 with the new gear and broadcast their first major production Nov. 2 with live coverage of the U.S. Senate election.

Emerson College is the nation’s only four-year college devoted exclusively to the study of communication and performing arts. Emerson’s journalism TV and multimedia facility prepares students for professional careers as producers, reporters, editors and anchors.

By adopting OverDrive, a single operator is responsible for all technical aspects of the production, including robotic camera control, switching, video server playback, audio mixing and template-based graphics creation. This allows other students to focus their time and energy on the elements of production of primary interest and curriculum, the college said.