Element Technica supports RED One electronic viewfinder

Element Technica has expanded its RED One EVF line with a family of accessories that support the camera’s electronic viewfinder.

The EVF Deluxe Mounting System provides a secure interface, capable of attaching to a variety of points on the camera body or to other accessories — allowing 4in of vertical and 6in of telescoping adjustment along the viewfinder axis. The system’s clutch lets the viewfinder be tilted to almost any angle.

Once positioned, the cine-style clutch holds the EVF securely in place, regardless of the shooting conditions. It can be converted from left to right eye or moved to the right side of the camera in seconds. All adjustments, including clutch drag are tool free for quick setup.

The EVF Mount Extension works with the EVF Mounting System to add a geared head and dolly. This accessory lengthens the distance between the clutch and the viewfinder. It allows the EVF to maintain a constant tilt angle, even during extreme tilting of the camera system. It also works with ARRI’s viewfinder leveling rod.

Element’s telescopic EVF Eyepiece Leveler integrates with the EVF Mount Extension. The Leveler’s final telescoping stage is made of stainless steel to resist bending. It is also compatible with ARRI viewfinder systems.