EFILM takes film scanning to next level

Hollywood, CA, -based EFILM has chosen two ARRISCAN film scanners for integration into its digital lab services.

EFILM has pioneered numerous breakthroughs in post-production digital imaging for motion pictures, including the first groundbreaking 4K digital intermediate (DI) on “Spiderman 2.”

The ARRISCAN enables EFILM to increase productivity and elevate quality in film scanning. The scanner uses a 2-D CMOS area array to sample the film in a fixed position as opposed to a moving line array used by other scanners. This approach improves signal to noise and dynamic range.

Illumination comes from a precisely tuned LED light source, which improves the color response, lowers illuminant-induced heating of the film and provides more stability. The scanners have been integrated into EFILM’s COLORSTREAM image management system.

Utilizing the scanners’ fourth channel infrared detector, EFILM can also offer automatic dust-busting during the scanning process.

For more information, visit www.arri.com.